Desktop Analytics: Improve Productivity and Customer Experience

Improve customer interactions, forecasting and scheduling with Monet's integrated Desktop analytics solution.

Get more insights into customer interactions and internal processes

Desktop analytics software is a powerful platform to deliver business intelligence at the desktop level to improve productivity, reduce costs, and deliver better customer experiences. It automatically collects activity and application data and tracks business objects across time and multiple users, while comparing key metrics against a defined business workflow; this includes monitoring and measuring performance and tracking work tasks such as sales orders, support issues, claims, work orders, and others across multi-step processes throughout your organization.

  • Gather application data across users, processes and technology to improve service delivery
  • Identify and prioritize critical work process issues that need to be addressed
  • Improve productivity and operational performance
  • Identify and reduce compliance and company policy issues
  • Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary process steps
  • Focus on workflow and process issues that impact the customer experience

Better understand how employees actually work

Contact center analytics helps you identify general training issues and isolate training and coaching needs for individuals on specific applications and workflows. It is especially effective on non-call related activities, such as idle times, after work, and break times that are usually outside of workforce management systems. Now these can be analyzed and monitored for improved productivity. In addition, non-call activities can now be included into the forecast and scheduling process.

Improve process steps and remove bottlenecks

With Desktop Analytics you can easily identify and prioritize work process issues that need to be addressed, identify and reduce compliance issues, fraud, and company policy loopholes, and reduce costs through elimination of unnecessary process steps. In addition, you can target workflow and process issues that impact the customer experience.

Monitor system and application usage

Measure application and network performance to identify areas of improvement, application response times, and application usage. The system allows you to configure the amount of data detail you want to capture, and to track business objects and data flows across applications. The data is available in real-time and as desktop analytics reports.

To learn more about Desktop Analytics, please contact us today and we will discuss with you how it would improve the performance of your organization.

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