Delivering Customer Service to Mobile Customers

There is a temptation to assume that a customer connecting with a contact center from a smartphone is the same as the customer calling from a landline in their living room. But that perspective may not be around much longer. 

“Mobile customer care” is becoming a hot-button issue in the contact center industry, and there is an opportunity here to serve these customers better that many businesses have still not embraced.

Given the capabilities of smartphones, mobile interaction now means a lot more than voice communication. It incorporates completing transactions online, posting and responding via social media, and then speaking to an agent before or after these other tasks have been completed. 

Many companies now provide mobile apps, which include basic contact center services. But such apps are capable of so much more, and customers will welcome the chance to access additional features. The majority of calls of any kind today are made through cell phones – contact centers need to recognize that and respond accordingly. 

Would your customers appreciate being able to access your company’s website, begin the order process, and then transition to a mobile voice channel with their account information transferring with them? It’s certainly better than making that switch, having to repeat the information to the agent, and then going back and having to start the order process over again because nothing was saved.