Declare Your Independence From Spreadsheets

This is the month we celebrate Independence Day, and across the country, companies are crafting special offers with some sort of historic or patriotic theme.

So why should we be any different?

We think it’s time your contact center declared its independence from spreadsheets.

Ask yourself, as America’s early colonists asked about King George: how are we benefitting from this arrangement? How has it made our lives better? Are there things we can’t do now that we could do if we tried something different?

Take schedule adherence as an example. With spreadsheets, only limited spot-checking is possible. Without real-time adherence, shifts are more likely to be over-staffed or under-staffed. When that happens, resources are wasted and service levels are missed.

But where spreadsheets fall short, workforce management delivers real time adherence and monitoring. Result? Consistent, accurate service levels, and shrinkage cut by as much as 15 minutes per agent day.

Down with Downtime

The scheduling of lunches and breaks, and how well agents adhere to their schedules can have a tremendous impact on ROI. At most contact centers, shrinkage rates can be greatly reduced with an effective WFM solution, depending on the size of the business. And when shrinkage rates fall, productivity and profits increase.

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Declaration of Independence states that all of us are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Contact center managers are happiest when their business is operating efficiently. When an increase as low as 1% in productivity can significantly impact the budget, it is imperative to identify areas where efficiency can be improved.

One of these areas is flexibility – the limitations of spreadsheets result in fixed schedules that can produce higher shrinkage and overstaffing. But with WFM, it is easier to manage start times, end times and breaks with an ease of flexibility that dramatically improves service levels.

Managers can also consult more detailed and accurate call histories with WFM, resulting in better forecasts.

Scheduling? Also much faster. Some managers can save as much as 25% of the time once devoted to filling in spreadsheets – time that can now be used for additional agent training or to attend to other matters.

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