Cut Every Customer Call By One Minute

Add up how many calls your contact center receives every week. Let’s say the number is one thousand – now consider what would happen if you reduced your customer service call duration by one minute. We’re no math geniuses, but we believe that comes to 1,000 minutes – or more than 16.5 hours.

Among other benefits, that one improvement in call center efficiency would cut average wait time, which inevitably improves customer service. Can you make it happen?  Here are five ways to achieve this goal.

1. Skill-Based Call Routing

Send the easy calls to the new agents. Send the angry calls to the agents who know how to calm agitated customers. Send the tough questions to agents who can answer them. A workforce management (WFM) solution makes skill-based scheduling a breeze, so you’ll always have the right combination of agents on the floor to handle every type of call.

2. Faster Information Access

With a WFM system that delivers quick access to caller information, the agent won’t have to ask basic questions or go through the same information-gathering already covered by your IVR.

3. Polite Pushing

Sometimes (ok, a lot of times) the reason calls run long is that customers won’t get to the point. Agents have to remain courteous in these situations, but test out methods for steering the conversation back where it should be, and try different, pointed questions that will shorten the path toward answers.

4. Don’t Just Hear – Listen

Train agents to focus on what the customer is saying, and to carefully enter notes into the system. Even if the agent is confident in his or her memory skills, it’s better to have a written record of the key points of each call. Also make sure an agent’s station is free from distractions, and that personal cell phones are turned off during work hours.

5. Rewards

If nothing else works, try this: “All agents that cut an average of one minute from their calls this week will receive a special reward” (whatever you believe will get results). However, if you try this monitor the situation closely to make sure agents reduce call times the right way.

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