Customer Satisfaction Starts with Employee Satisfaction

Do happier employees make for happier customers? That sounds like a good policy, and there have been studies at call centers to verify the theory. The most significant one was conducted back in 2005. Technology may have changed since then, but human nature has not; chances are its basic conclusions will be just as true 10 years from now as they are today. [more]

The study, conducted by the SQM group, found the same conclusions whether the call center received a high volume or low volume of calls, operated in the private sector or public sector, and employed union or non-union workers: every 1% increase in employment satisfaction resulted in a 2% increase in customer satisfaction. Certainly there were variations within different kinds of centers. But this is one of those instances where the supposition that seems the most obvious is actually the right conclusion. There are additional benefits to a happier workforce as well, including a lower turnover rate, which is particularly significant in the call center industry. So what would make your call center agents happier? You won’t be able to provide everything they wish, like a much higher salary and six weeks of vacation a year, but there are some changes to call center policies, procedures and management that would go a long way toward making your team feel appreciated. Click here to read Motivating Contact Center Agents, a Monet blog with some practical advice to improve the attitude and enthusiasm of your call center agents. They will appreciate these changes – and so will your customers.