Customer Experience Tip #1: Make it Easy for Customers

We should be living in a golden age of customer service. The technology now available to companies and consumers should make doing business more efficient than ever before. Unfortunately, the reality has not lived up to our expectations. Ask most consumers what they want from a company, and most will say they want their transaction handled in a way that is easy. Contact centers would do well to listen to this. Whatever resources are being channeled into technology, personnel, training, best practices etc. should all be working toward the same goal – making life easier for your customers. There are some aspects of this that are beyond the call center’s reach, but where they can contribute to a positive customer experience, they should do so, keeping these objectives in mind:

  • Make it Easy to Learn About the Product – this is achieved through intelligent, well-trained agents who can answer questions
  • Make it Easy to Purchase and Pay for the Product – how efficiently can credit card information and shipping information be collected in a secure fashion? How aggressive should an agent be with upsell opportunities that will delay completion of the transaction?
  • Make it Easy to Contact the Company to Get Help and Support – that means no long waits on hold, no 10-12 rings before the call is answered, no putting customers back on hold after collecting some information, and no asking for the same information multiple times, as a caller is moved up a chain of support personnel before reaching the one that can actually address their situation.

Easy is always better. What can you do at your call center to deliver this type of customer experience?