Customer Experience is Key

What are the key business trends in 2014? Creating the optimal customer experience would be high on that list, just as it was in 2013.

It doesn’t take a Business major to recognize that treating customers right is always a priority, but one could argue that it has never been more important than it is now. In the past, if a customer did not like the way he was treated, he would take his business elsewhere. Today, that same customer can post the details of his negative experience on Facebook, Twitter, a blog and in emails to friends and associates. Result? Not just one lost customer, but several. That’s just one conclusion illustrated in a new infographic created by Zengage.

Make sure that all of your call center agents and managers realize that (according to Zengage) an astonishing 85% of customers who suffered a bad experience were not only willing but eager to share the details via social media. Even more troubling – only 24% of those same customers will try to contact the company to resolve the issue. That means you may only get one chance to make the right impression. What happens when you read about someone else’s positive experience with a company on your Facebook wall or somewhere else online? The infographic shows that, fortunately, a rave review can have the same ripple effect as a critique.

More than half (55%) of all consumers will sing a company’s praises online, and 40% will switch to another company if that company garners a reputation for outstanding customer service. Every time a phone rings at a call center, that conversation has the potential to change minds and affect dozens of people, not just the customer at the other end of the line. Be sure your training efforts and best practice policies always stress the importance of courtesy, patience and cooperation. And make sure your technology contributes to these efforts by creating accurate forecasts and schedules, so callers are not stuck on hold waiting for an agent’s attention. Sadly, sometimes the battle can be lost even before the call is answered.