Contact Center Solution Priorities for 2014

January 25, 2014 by: Chuck Ciarlo

As we discussed in a recent blog post, creating the optimal customer experience should be a top priority at every contact center. If your agent training procedures already stress courtesy, patience and cooperation, in addition to adherence to company policies, that’s half the battle. The other half requires giving those agents, and contact center management, the tools they need to succeed.

Contact Center Technology Solutions

Achieving a better, more efficient and more productive customer experience requires several technology solutions:

Call Recording

Call recording software enables a contact center to gather, save and review customer call data, which can improve customer service, agent performance and business efficiency. Call recordings can also help resolve customer disputes before they escalate into legal action.

Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring is the key to getting the numbers right on several key metrics, from average handling time to first-call resolution. It is an ongoing process, utilizing call recordings and other raw data that can be continually modified as agents and managers learn from each other. Once everyone has bought into the program, issues are identified and resolved more quickly, and best practices will evolve.


Scorecards are a significant component of quality management (QM). Rating agent performance rewards outstanding team members and identifies areas where additional coaching and training is necessary. Scoring can also be used to rank agents at each center or on each shift, a practice that can encourage those near the bottom of the list to improve their standing.

Forecasting/Scheduling/Adherence Tools

Choose a workforce management solution that will include accurate call volume forecasting from historical data and ACD integration, flexible schedule creation that incorporates foreseen and unforeseen variables, agent exceptions, intra-day changes to both forecasting and scheduling, and performance management reports.


Dashboards provide visual displays of call center data, providing an instant snapshot of what is happening at every moment throughout the day. Now you have the information you need to make forecasting, scheduling and adherence changes before the customer experience can be affected.

For a complete demonstration of these contact center solutions, please take a look at our demo center.

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