Contact Center Software In the Cloud: Easier, Faster And Lower Costs!

The Cloud-based model uses a new multi-tenant and scalable architecture that was designed to efficiently and securely deliver web-based applications at the lowest possible cost. It focuses on fast set up, low operating costs through shared services, highest security for web-based deployment and high performance and scalability through instant and seamless scaling of computer resources (also called “elastic cloud computing”). This ensures available computing capacity only when you need it, at the lowest possible cost.

  • Lower operating costs: With the Cloud provider managing the IT infrastructure, costs are lowered by securely sharing IT infrastructure and resources, avoiding “hidden costs” for hardware replacements, upgrades, and IT operation resources that are typical for premise-based software.
  • Ease of use: The new web-based user interface of Cloud-computing solutions focuses strongly on usability, ensuring software that is easy to learn and use. This helps to drive fast user adoption within your organization.

High performance whenever and wherever you need it

True multi-tenant architecture combined with “Elastic Compute Cloud” platform (EC2) ensures automatic scaling and balances traffic efficiently. This capability offers businesses the necessary resources when demand spikes, then pares back when it eases.

  • Multi-tenant architecture: Multi-tenancy allows for cost savings over and above the basic economies of scale, achievable from consolidating IT resources into a single operation. This allows Monet to deliver its solution to you at a much lower cost per agent than other vendors.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud: Verint Monet WFM Live runs in a highly reliable environment where application instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned. The service runs on a proven network infrastructure at the data center of one of the top hosting providers. “Elastic Load Balancing” enables automatic distribution of incoming application traffic across multiple instances. It achieves even greater fault tolerance in your applications, seamlessly providing the amount of load balancing capacity needed in response to incoming application traffic. This means you get all the computing power you need when you need it.
  • Security: Security is a multidimensional task that is implemented at every level – application security, hosting facility security and network security. Monet and its hosting partner leverage the latest technologies and ensure ongoing adherence to best-practice policies. It’s secure, backed up and available 24/365.

If you would like to learn more about Monet’s technology platform get the whitepaper “What is Workforce Management in the Cloud?” or just contact us.

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