Contact Center Quality Monitoring for Beginners

Getting started with quality monitoring can be a daunting task, but it’s one that is necessary to improve customer service, particularly in such KPIs as first call resolution.

“We would do it,” claim some call center managers, “if it were easy, effective and affordable.” Good news – it is now.

Easy Quality Monitoring

No need for a team of IT experts to descend on your call center and begin a lengthy installation that will disrupt work for weeks. Forget the complex software implementation and simply access the quality monitoring tools you need form the cloud. Just start your subscription to quality monitoring in the cloud, and you’ll have everything you need.

Effective Quality Monitoring

There are several elements to a quality monitoring program, including call recording, screen capture and integration of scorecards. These parts of the whole must be able to function together, and the best way to make that happen is with a fully integrated solution that delivers the big picture, as well as the smallest details that contribute to its formation. By using call recording and quality monitoring tools such as those included in Monet Quality, it is possible to capture not only the call itself but the activity that took place on the agent’s screen and score 100% of interactions, giving an accurate and comprehensive view of agent, team, and overall contact center performance.

Affordable Quality Monitoring

Again, the answer is a cloud delivery system, which requires no large upfront investment or expensive installation. Now, even smaller and midsized call centers can afford the tools they need to deliver a better customer experience.