Contact Center Performance Management Explained

What is performance management? It’s a process of motivating employees through setting goals, measuring progress, providing feedback and coaching for improved performance, and rewarding achievements. In a contact center this can be achieved through software applications the combine dashboards, analytics, workflow and data integration, all of which make it easier for managers to set specific performance goals and communicate those goals to agents and other personnel. The technology exists to achieve your customer service objectives, but the key to performance management is utilizing the resources provided by the dashboards in the most efficient manner.

That will require an alignment of human and technological resources, and perhaps some changes in personnel procedures. Once the contact center organization matches the views, reports and workflow routes generated by the system, it will be easier to achieve performance management goals. Keep in mind also that performance management is only as good as the data it receives. Your workforce management and quality management efforts, as well as those devoted to training and billing and other specialties must be importing accurate numbers for the system to work.

If they are not, these data sources must be reviewed for missing fields or identifiers, properly integrated, or updated as needed. Performance management is one of the most effective ways to improve contact center service – as long as the metrics are accurate and implemented in a way that bolsters the associated workflow functionality. This is not a one-time fix but an ongoing program that should become part of the center’s everyday management procedures.