Contact Center Management Should Start With the Customer in Mind

What is it that contact center managers have to actually “manage”? If it were only one element, their jobs would be a lot easier. However, most are required to oversee the allocation of resources, costs and staff, all of which require multiple decisions on a daily basis. At a busy contact center, that is a full-time job. And while all of these aspects of the operation are important, the best managers also realize that their job really begins and ends in just one place – customer satisfaction. Those who leave this responsibility to their agents are neglecting the most significant part of their business. Too many contact center customers now hope for the best and expect the worst. Miscommunication, being put on hold for interminable amounts of time, being transferred to three different representatives to get a question answered – these are the contact center customer nightmares. Agents play their role, of course, but it is the responsibility of management to take customer needs and the customer experience into consideration, and distribute resources, budget and staff to turn those nightmares into rave reviews. The first step toward doing so is to create a comprehensive contact center strategy. We’ll provide steps for doing so in our next blog. In the meantime, you can also download our whitepaper to learn about strategies to improve quality and customer experience.