Conquering the Challenge of Helpdesk Service Level Staffing

Of all the factors involved in operating a successful, cost-efficient helpdesk, staffing may be the most significant. More than half of every dollar spent in helpdesk costs is related to labor. That makes staffing decisions pivotal to the operation of the business.

While different helpdesks have different priorities and different functions, the challenge of staffing remains relatively consistent. Regardless of size or specialty, the cases never stop coming.

One way to meet that challenge is by staying ahead of the technology curve. Solutions are available that can boost agent visibility while also providing consistent customer service. Is your helpdesk taking advantage of them?

One may already be familiar to you: Salesforce™ Service Cloud™. But you may not be aware that Salesforce™ Service Cloud™ can be integrated with Monet’s award-winning workforce management solution.

When that happens, you’ll instantly achieve greater visibility into the day-to-day operations of your helpdesk, resulting in more efficient staffing, as well as:

  • Improved case and chat management
  • Better forecasts
  • Real-time insight that corrects service issues quickly
  • Greater customer satisfaction

The best part? With one solution you’ll have the confidence of knowing you are on the cutting edge of business software. And once you’re there, you’ll stay there. Any new updates, versions or changes are automatically installed at no additional cost.

Ready to achieve better staffing results than ever before?

More accurate staffing starts with accurate forecasts – here’s how Monet WFM can help

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