Collecting the Data That Makes a Difference in Quality Management

Your quality management (QM) program runs on data. If the feedback and numbers you collect from call center quality monitoring are accurate and up to date, you’ll have a much better chance of making the kinds of changes that will improve customer service.

If you’re not sure the policies you have in place are working, here are five tips to help you collect the best quality management data.

  1. Set the right goals

Before quality management can work, you need to be very clear on what you hope to accomplish. Remember that QM should focus on the big picture – how could we serve our customers better? What procedures are getting in the way of customer service? If the big problems are solved, the little problems will take care of themselves.

  1. The customer survey

The whole point of QM is to serve customers better. You can’t do that without knowing what your customers want. Don’t rely just on the feedback and the sentiments expressed during calls and online chat exchanges. A survey will provide more honest and accurate information, especially from those who may have been dissatisfied, but were reluctant to make that clear through direct confrontation.

  1. Focus on the best and worst calls

While almost every call can be a teaching moment, those that stand out in a positive or negative way will be the most valuable in improving quality management. The best calls, in which an agent diffuses a volatile situation or provides outstanding service and courtesy, can be used to coach other agents on how the job should be done. The worst calls, obviously, should be reviewed as examples of what not to do, with guidance on how to avoid a repeat performance.

  1. Know the score

How are you scoring the good and bad calls, as well as those in between? This is a bigger challenge than you might think, and that’s why it should be step one in QM: deciding what constitutes “quality.” One way to establish that standard is through a process that measures performance on every aspect of a call, from the greeting and the close to the agent’s command of center policies, product information and ability to answer questions and resolve issues.

  1. Invite agents to be part of the process

Whatever decisions emerge from quality management meetings, the responsibility of implementing any changes will fall mostly on your agents. So why not involve them from the beginning, rather than just sharing the results of your QM review after the fact?


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