Call Recording Systems for Small and Medium-Sized Contact Centers

There was a time when only the largest call centers could afford a call recording software system. But times have changed. Fortunately, as more call centers realize the advantages that call monitoring and recording provides, from training and productivity to protection from liability exposure, lower IT costs and cloud computing have brought this technology within the means of most small and midsized call centers. With limited budgets and fewer resources, smaller contact centers cannot afford to invest in the wrong solution for call recording. So it’s imperative to select the right call recording solution that is both cost-effective, and also provides a smaller center with the same benefits and advantages traditionally enjoyed by those with much larger IT budgets. Cloud computing offers companies the option of transferring their IT operations into a virtual environment, where they can develop, deploy, and manage applications, and pay only for the time and capacity that they need. For a smaller call center, this means the ability to significantly lower upfront costs, while maintaining the option of scaling up as needed. For midsized call centers, cloud computing also provides access to benefits and resources that in the past would require more equipment, more capital, and more staff to support. Today, affordable cloud-based call recording systems have all the necessary call monitoring features that only the expensive systems used to have. There are environmental benefits to cloud computing as well. Information can be stored in a climate that minimizes energy usage (and lowers energy costs). And because servers can be shared in a virtual environment, the result is fewer servers and a reduction in the power required to operate and cool them. This helps to minimize a company’s carbon footprint. While call centers of all sizes and types are good candidates for cloud computing, the advantages of reduced costs and increased system flexibility will be particularly helpful to call centers that wish to enjoy comparable functionality and provide customer service on par with a larger call center, at a fraction of the investment cost.