Call Recording Systems: A Comparison

There are three primary types of call recording systems used by call centers: hardware devices, installed software, and cloud-based solutions. The more you know about each option, the easier it will be to choose the right monitoring system for your business.

Hardware Devices
When call recording became a business concern, hardware devices were the first method used – chiefly because they were the only method available at the time. From the first tape recorders to answering machines, these devices were fine for recording conversations, but that was the extent of their capability. A limited storage capacity makes them untenable for a modern-day call center that may receive thousands of calls each day. Scalability and security offer additional challenges. 

Installed Software
Call recording software overcomes many of the obstacles faced by hardware devices, particularly in scalability and storage. They also provide additional services far beyond call recording, including the ability to classify calls by different criteria, and locate a specific call or set of calls quickly. This is especially helpful when using recorded calls as training tools, and for settling disputes. However, sophisticated call recording software for a call center can require a significant upfront investment, and may be difficult to implement and maintain. 

A cloud computing model offers all of the advantages of call recording software without the upfront cost. Since it is provided as a subscription service, there is no need to invest in additional hardware and software. There are additional benefits as well, including system flexibility. Since all call monitoring data is stored “in the cloud,” it can be accessed from the office, from home and from a mobile device. Implementation is easier, and since energy usage is reduced it’s also an environmentally friendlier alternative. Also, cloud-based solution makes is easier to deliver unified workforce optimization with integrated call recording, workforce management, quality management and performance management. Please download this call recording whitepaper to learn more.