Call Recording Software: Why It’s Essential

Software for call recording provides benefits to both the call center workforce and the consumer. Call monitoring is not only an affordable enhancement; it is one that can provide significant cost savings in training, compliance, liability recording and much more. “This call is being recorded for quality purposes” Customers will not regard this standard call monitoring disclosure as an inconvenience or an intrusion, as a recording provides both protection and clarification if an issue should arise. What type of difference would a call center recording system make in your business? Productivity Calls that are monitored are calls that can be analyzed later to gauge the efficiency of call center agents. It is also a means to gather research on consumer trends and product interest that can be utilized in the formulation of marketing and sales strategies. Training With a VoIP record of each call, management and call center trainers can evaluate their agents’ performance on efficiency, courtesy, conversational style, proper use of scripted or company-approved responses and other key components. Areas of concern can be addressed, and proficiency improved. Customer Satisfaction A call recording system is also beneficial when an issue arises. Client disputes can usually be settled by accessing call center recordings to review the discrepancy. In cases where the dispute is serious, the existence of a VoIP recording clarifies exactly what both parties said, potentially saving the company from time-consuming and costly legal action. Compliance Before integrating a call recording solution, make certain the system is compliant with PCI guidelines. Version 2.0 of PCI DSS went into effect on January 1, 2011, and companies that have not yet adapted to this new security standard may face costly fines. The optimum hosted call recording solution will address issues of sensitive authentication data in audio recording files, while maintaining non-sensitive data information that is important for management and analysis. For more information, please also see our new website about call recording solutions.