Call Recording Software: The Need for Ease of Use

One of the primary purposes of call recorder software is to record and save phone calls for later review, or for use in subsequent training.

But with call centers that receive hundreds, if not thousands of calls each day, often in multiple locations, how quickly should a call recorder program be able to find, retrieve and play a specific call, or play every call from one specific customer?

When considering a call recording program, speed and ease of use should be a prominent determining factor in choosing one system over another. Test the call recorder system, or have the company demonstrate how this function is implemented.

Typically, the response to a command such as “Find Jane Carter’s most recent calls” should take no more than a few seconds. If it takes too long, and that same extended return time becomes typical for all future requests, it will ultimately have a detrimental impact on workforce management and productivity.

Depending on the specific circumstance, call center management may need to search for individual or groups of calls based on a variety of parameters, including the call date, time, duration, or specific customer details. Call recording software should be able to accommodate these requests with the same speed and efficiency.