Call recording software access security: Who’s Listening?

The contents of conversations between call center employees and customers often contain sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, addresses and financial history data. As a result, every call center requires (or certainly should require) authorization for management and other personnel to access the call recording software and review the contents and data of each call. 

Unfortunately, data can be removed by accidental or malicious means, and when that happens the risk to the company can be substantial, from brand damage and loss of consumer confidence to fines and lawsuits. 

When choosing a call recorder program, it is vital to inquire about data access security. This is particularly important in an era where workers can access call information not only in the office but also from home or on the road, and where data may be transmitted between employees, partners and consultants. Whether recorded call data is in motion or at rest it can be at risk without the implementation of effective safeguards. 

There are a number of security questions to ask before adding a call monitoring system to a call center. Find out how it prevents information theft, and how access to information can be restricted to specific individuals or groups. Find out about encryption, and how it is handled across multiple users. Ask whether the call recording software can automatically obscure some sensitive data (by muting or bleeping) to comply with PCI regulations, and further protect this information during the recording process. 

Call recorder system security should never be overlooked, though many companies continue to do so. Smaller call centers with trusted employees would never expect anyone on staff to illegally access data, and in most cases their trust will be well-placed. But according to the Ponemon Institute, 76% of data breaches are caused by company insiders, and most are not the result of malicious intent, but merely a lapse in judgment. Call recording software should help avoid these incidents, regardless of intent.