Call Recording Retrieval: The Need for Speed

Sometimes doing something faster doesn’t mean better, but that is not the case with call recording retrieval. 

Speed should be a significant determining factor when choosing a call recording and monitoring system. Fast and easy retrieval of any specific call or subset of calls is necessary to improve a call center’s service and performance. 

Effective and secure call retrieval from the server to the system should be achievable from any location. The recordings will not serve their desired purpose if they cannot be located, or if doing so becomes a long and frustrating process.

Choose a system that offers a wide range of criteria for call retrieval, so searches can be specific and will deliver the correct results the first time, every time. 

The system should have built-in call retrieval functionality based on whatever “tags” call center personnel attach to each specific customer engagement. These search criteria may include: 

  • Duration (find the shortest or longest calls from a given day or a specific agent)
  • Agent/Customer (filtering allows managers to locate all calls from one specific customer, or those handled by one agent or group of agents)
  • Monitored Calls (find all live-monitored calls based on date, group or agent)

Call centers will also want to track calls by phone numbers of the parties, dates of calls and types of calls (order, complaint, etc.). Other calls may be tagged for a specific purpose (coaching, script adherence, etc.) at the time they are completed, for later review by a manager. Call monitoring software should be able to locate these tags quickly and play them within a few seconds. For more about this topics, please check out the call recording whitepaper on our website.