Call Recording is Great – Call Scoring and Recording is Better

Does your call recording system allow you to evaluate and score calls? 
It should – call scoring carries a number of benefits that can help a call center with quality management, agent performance and training. 

Call scoring requires a cooperative effort among managers, agents and even customers (through feedback and survey results) to determine what elements are important in each customer engagement, and how each effort should be scored.

Once that standard is set, a unified call recording/call scoring workforce optimization solution should automate both processes, creating reviews and evaluations more quickly. This should subsequently expedite management review of scoring results, and incite correction procedures. The faster this is achieved, the more calls that will be handled correctly by call center personnel. 

Integrated functionality should include the creation of evaluation forms with configurable sections, the ability to share forms among agents and management, the assigning of calls to be assessed and the ability to generate reports based on call evaluations and statistics. 

Call Scoring and Agent Training
Contact centers that are not employing call scoring are missing a great training opportunity. Call scoring provides a means to identify the weakest areas of agent performance, and review of call recordings helps these agents to focus on what they did wrong and how it can be corrected. 

By choosing a unified WFO solution that provides call recording and call scoring right out of the box, a call center can jump-start quality management and improve performance almost immediately.