Call Recording in the Cloud

Call recording is a essential function of call center operation. Cloud hosting is not considered essential but is growing rapidly in popularity among call centers and businesses of all sizes and types. If your call center has one without the other, you may not be maximizing the benefits that both can deliver.

Call Recording

Call recording provides a means to track questions, inquiries and call resolutions, all of which enhance your knowledge base. Recorded calls can be scored based on different aspects such as greeting, closing, upselling, etc. Reviewing these scores with call center managers, supervisors and agents will inspire suggestions for how to better handle difficult customer questions and situations. Call recordings are also invaluable for settling compliance issues and customer disputes that might otherwise result in legal action.

Cloud Computing

More than 60% of contact centers already have at least one cloud-based application, and according to Connectfirst more than 45% plan to make an initial or expanded move into the cloud. And why not? The benefits are many – lower investment and equipment costs, the flexibility of accessing the call recording system from multiple locations and on both desktop computers and mobile devices, and a lower energy footprint for companies with a green outlook. Call Recording and Cloud Hosting – together, they deliver better customer service results and a positive impact on the bottom line.