Call Recording Improves Call Center Quality Management

Just about every call center has set high quality standards for employee performance and customer interaction. But too often, the effort to maintain these standards erodes over time, as a result of agent turnover, expansion, adaptation to new policies and programs, or simply a lack of consistent enforcement. 

Given that the call center is often the first impression a customer may have of a company’s customer service effort, it is critical to maintain quality management standards. Call recording software can play a central and critical role in doing so. 

Whether an agent has been with a call center for two weeks or two years, the opportunity to review recorded calls and assess performance is the quickest way to correct poor habits, shorten calls when it is efficient to do so, and help bring each encounter to a successful conclusion. 

By reviewing a representative sampling of customer telephone interactions, a call center manager can obtain a clear picture of how well his call center agents are performing, and where additional training may be necessary. 

The quality management areas that can be monitored and improved through call recording include:

  • Call hold time and completion time
  • Agent courtesy and focus
  • Adherence to company-approved script
  • Resolving issues with irate callers
  • Frequency/necessity of follow-up calls

Call recording software is also vital for setting disputes, and reducing liability exposure. Without this data, issues may take much longer to uncover, and even more time to resolve.