Call Recording Health Check for your Contact Center

Do you use call recording (CR) in your contact center? If not, perhaps it’s time to explore the numerous benefits that this technology provides.

If you are enjoying the advantages of this technology, great! But there may be ways in which it can be augmented to provide even more benefits to your agents and your customers. These questions should help you determine if your call recording solution is being used to its fullest potential.

1. What calls do you record?

Is your system recording a representative sample, or is every call being collected and archived? While the first method might deliver solid statistical information, recording every call provides more insight into agent performance.

2. Are you using call recording for coaching and training existing agents?

This is one of the best uses for recorded calls. Managers can review recordings with agents, and discuss which aspects of the agent’s performance are on target, and which merit additional training.

3. Are you using CR for on-boarding of new agents?

Explaining company policies and procedures to new agents is one thing – providing recorded calls that illustrate those procedures in action provides a much more vivid and memorable means of instilling these practices into new hires from day one.

4. Is CR being used to gain more customer insights?

What could be a better indication of what customers want from your call center than the voices of those customers themselves?

5. Are you using CR to resolve issues and disputes?

Some disputes are inevitable. But with a recording of the conversation between agent and customer, the contact center has the means to either settle the issue, or prevent it from escalating into a legal matter.

6. Do you use CR in conjunction with quality assurance for a comprehensive quality monitoring system?

Quality assurance introduces a grading component into the call monitoring process. Recorded calls are randomly selected and measured against the guidelines and procedures at the call center. When CR and QA work together, the result is a system that increases productivity and improves adherence to corporate procedures.

To learn more, please watch any of the videos about call recording and quality monitoring.