Call Recording for more Transparent Customer Service

One of the benefits of call recording software is the ability to review call records to determine whether agents are addressing customer concerns in a timely manner. 

That goal was apparently not quite achieved by online shoe and clothing seller Zappos this past December, when word got out of a customer service phone call that lasted 10 hours and 29 minutes, according to anews article in the Huffington Post

However, in this case the company did not react with embarrassment, but with pride, as they confirmed that the agent was just doing her job. 

What began as a standard call spiraled into something completely different as the conversation shifted from Zappos products to what it was like to live in Las Vegas, where the company is headquartered. The agent took multiple breaks throughout the call, which ended with an order for one pair of boots. 

In a statement, Zappos described the conversation as proof of the company’s dedication to its customers. Jeffrey Lewis, Zappos Customer Loyalty Team supervisor, issued this statement: “Zappos’s first core value is deliver wow through service, and we feel that allowing our team members the ability to stay on the phone with a customer for as long as they need is a crucial means of fulfilling this value.”

The company ranks well in customer service even with this policy, with low average wait times, and in this case the agent was carrying out the company’s wishes of answering customer questions and making certain they were getting the information they requested – even if it wasn’t about Zappos products. 

Every call center has different guidelines for customer engagement that can be reviewed and improved through call recording software. What would be cause for dismissal at one call center may receive a glowing review from another, as this marathon conversation illustrates. Whatever standards and practices are deemed most important by call center management, call recording and monitoring can help with training and performance review to make sure those standards are achieved – even if they permit 10-hour conversations.