Call Quality Monitoring Improves First-Call Resolution

First-call resolution (FCR) is widely regarded as the single most important facet for calculating customer satisfaction in a call center. It can also be one of the most challenging goals, but one that must be achieved if a call center is to meet its customer service standards. 

There is no reliable, across the board industry standard for determining an acceptable FCR rate. Different call centers handle different products and services of varying complexity, and this will impact the agent’s ability to solve issues quickly. However, whether your goal is 70% first call resolution, 80% or 90%, call quality monitoring and call recording can help to get those numbers up.

What is Call Quality Monitoring and how does it improve first-call resolution?
Simply put, this is quality monitoring achieved through call recording and call scoring efforts. 

Start by establishing a realistic goal for first call resolution based on current performance. Involve agents in this process, as well as managers and supervisors. Then, review call recordings of both successful FCR calls and those that perhaps should have been – but were not. Score calls based on agent performance in bringing the call to a successful conclusion. This will provide the raw data that illustrates each agent’s approach to achieving FCR, and where additional training can help to correct mistakes. 

While it’s easy to place the responsibility for FCR solely on agents, call recording can help to uncover areas in which company policies might be altered to make the agent’s job easier, whether it is a change to the script or a new approach in training and coaching. 

Call quality monitoring is an ongoing process that can be continually modified, as agents and managers learn from each other, issues are identified and resolved and best practices evolve. An improved first-call resolution rate is just one of many benefits derived from this effort. Please watch this video to learn more about call recording systems and get a better understanding of how you could use this functionality to improve your first-call resolution.