Call Monitoring for Better Business Insights

Recording, monitoring and analyzing calls, through call monitoring, can provide new ways to better understand your business and its products or services. Here are some ideas for opportunities to gather call center intelligence.

Customer Ideas
A conversation between a call center agent and a customer often takes a tangent beyond the original purpose of the call. While the agent is typically required to wrap up each call as quickly as possible to move on to the next customer, there are times when listening to a caller’s ideas and feedback is a more valuable use of his or her time. 

Product Quality
Chances are the call center is already on the front line of feedback when it comes to product quality. But this function is particularly important following the introduction of a new product or any changes to the existing product line. Call monitoring gathers valuable marketing data that, along with social media, lets the company know how their client base is responding.

Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
How are those new, ‘edgy’ online ads faring? Are customers responding to a special holiday offer? Whatever ideas were cooked up in marketing, call monitoring is a way to find out if they are connecting with customers. 

Customer Experience
It’s all about customer satisfaction, and there are several elements that comprise a successful customer encounter, from the in-store greeting to the price of a product to employee courtesy to the call center experience. Whether the call center is the first or the last link in that chain, call monitoring can capture data relevant to every aspect of the company. 

Policy/Procedure Evaluation
Policies are put in place with the best intentions, but until they are field-tested there is no way to be certain of their effectiveness. Companies may also adjust procedures for budgetary reasons, hoping these changes will be invisible to customers. Call monitoring provides the feedback to judge whether existing policies should be changed, and revised procedures should be reconsidered.