Call center workforce management software selection criteria

Here is a list that should be helpful when selecting a workforce management solution: 

1. Key functionality to consider: 

  • ACD integration for call history
  • Simulation of forecasts
  • Staffing and Scheduling
  • Exception handling
  • Intra-day management
  • Real-time adherence
  • Performance metrics reports

2. Implementation of software: 

  • Time to implement – ready to use.
  • Equipment needed (hardware and software)
  • Resources needed (internal, vendor, consultants)

3. Total cost of ownership: 

  • Upfront cost for software, hardware, integration and implementation?
  • Ongoing costs for subscription, maintenance, support, upgrade fees?
  • Operational costs for IT team, facilities, etc.

4. User adoption: 

  • Ease of use to make sure software gets used to full extend
  • Configurable to meet your unique center needs

5. ROI and Risk: 

  • Payback time: Benefits versus costs/investment
  • Financial risk if solution does not meet your needs

For a more detailed list, please download our Workforce Management Success Kit.