Call Center Training Tips: Monitor Improvements

Training and coaching is only effective if you close the loop. This means that what happens after these sessions are complete is just as important as the sessions themselves. How else will you discover whether coaching is having the desired effect?

Many types of companies employ the closed-loop structure as a guideline for quality management and monitoring, and a way to improve both customer service and employee performance. It means forging links between processes and personnel so they complement each other, thus achieving optimal results more quickly.

Here is one 4-step system that will close the training loop at your call center.

1. The Plan of Action

What do you hope to accomplish through training and coaching? List specific goals and approach each training session with these goals in mind. Solicit input from managers, agents and even customers (through survey results and by reviewing recorded calls to identify challenges).

2. Training Sessions

Schedule training sessions in advance and follow your plan of action, while being flexible enough to consider agent feedback and ideas about areas that may not have been part of the original course.

3. Monitor and Check Progress

Review the results of the training and coaching sessions after a sufficient period of time has elapsed. This can be accomplished through follow-up sessions with agents, and throughrecordings and quality scoring of calls dated after the most recent training. How many objectives were achieved?

4. Closing the Loop

With the new data in hand, you can now create a new plan as in step #1, outlining another set of goals. With each journey around the loop, your call center becomes more efficient, while delivering better service and better results.