Call Center Training Tip: Self-evaluation of Call Quality

Agents should learn the general practice of proper customer interaction, and the specific approaches and preferences of their call center, through training and coaching sessions. However, recorded calls allow agents to also review their own performances, and learn from their mistakes without the involvement of a manager.One might think that self-evaluation could take place without recorded calls – after all, the agent was certainly present for each of these engagements and knows how he or she handled specific questions and occasionally difficult customers. But usually the agent is so engaged in the conversation that certain behavior can go unnoticed. Let’s say an agent encountered a customer who asked more than the typical number of questions about a basic transaction. Following the call, that agent might be certain he answered every question and thus fulfilled his obligation. By reviewing the call recording, that agent might detect exasperation or impatience in his voice that may have been communicated to the customer.  There may even be lessons that can be learned from call recordings where everything went well. Perhaps the agent will identify an area where a question could have been answered more quickly, or an opportunity for an upsell was missed. Such self-evaluation should be encouraged, as it not only allows every agent to improve without supervision, it frees up managers to address other issues. The best agents will realize where they need help and make corrections before being informed to do so by their employers. For more tips on this, please also check out our call quality management whitepaper.