Call Center Training and Coaching with Call Recording

Call recording plays a central role in agent coaching and training. Recorded calls can be used to evaluate an agent’s performance on efficiency, courtesy, conversational style, proper use of scripted or company-approved responses and other key components. Areas of concern can be addressed, and proficiency improved. 

Here’s a basic four-step process for the use of call recording software in a training program. 

1. Identify Training Issues
While it’s always a good idea to cover all of the usual bases with a training regimen (greeting, adherence to script, courtesy, etc.), call recording will reveal specific areas where more focus is needed. Chances are these will vary by agent, but call recording analysis may uncover problems that are center-wide and should be addressed as such. 

2. Spotlight Great Performances
Every call is a coaching opportunity, but use the best calls from your best performers as a standard, and analyze them during training sessions so other agents can discover why they should aspire to these examples. 

3. Create Coaching/Training Programs
Coaching and training should not be haphazard activities. Schedule regular sessions at least monthly, and measure the differences in performance after each one. The results will provide insight into which instructions are getting through, and which may need additional attention. 

4. Encourage Self Training
While management should always be involved in assessing agent performance, after a few coaching sessions agents should be encouraged to review their call recordings and adjust their job performance accordingly to correct mistakes. 
Sometimes, all it takes is a chance to review their courtesy, conversational style and use of scripted material for self-correction to occur. 

To learn more, we invite you to watch a brief call recording video or to download a call recording whitepaper that goes into more detail about solution capabilities and how to use them for training and coaching.