Call Center Tools for Training and Coaching

Agent coaching and training is an ongoing process that consists of three elements: Identify the need, provide training and measure results. This brief article describes how you can make these 3 call center training tips more efficient by using the right software tools:

1. Identify the Training Need
While call center training should cover all aspects of job performance, from call greeting and closing to script adherence, product knowledge and general courtesy, every agent is different and will have different needs. With call recording software it is much easier to tailor training to a specific agent’s needs, improving both agent efficiency and the time it takes to produce a qualified employee. This can dramatically reduce wasted resources on training that is not necessary. 

2. Provide Training/Coaching
Usually these will be one-on-one sessions that will incorporate reviews of the agent’s calls via call recording software. Trainers can review the results of call scoring on that agent’s work, and may also use outstanding examples of other agent calls to illustrate the differences, and help that agent set goals and learn from mistakes. Ultimately, an agent should be able to self-train and self-correct by reviewing calls. Scoring, however, should always be left to call center management and supervisors. 

3. Measure Results
Quality monitoring provides the raw data necessary to determine whether coaching sessions are having the desired impact. Have first-call resolutions increased? Are complaints down? Has the call center shaved a few seconds off average call length? Reviewing changes will determine next steps – whether re-training is required, or whether the next coaching sessions can focus on other areas of concern. 

To see these software tools in action, please watch our workforce management software demo videos.