Call Center Scheduling Tips – Part 1

We have established a list of call center scheduling tips to keep your call center running efficiently, keep service levels increasing, and your customer base and revenues growing. 1. Use a flexible shift model Fixed start times, lunch breaks, end times, etc. result in

  • Overstaffing = higher costs!
  • Understaffing = lower service levels and revenues!

Gradually implement a flexible shift model by introducing it to some of your agents (existing and/or new hires) first, and over time move the whole center to a flexible shift model.Increase your service levels by 1 to 2 percent, and result in a similar percentage of savings in personnel costs2. Track and minimize shrinkage 15 minutes shrinkage per day in a 25 agent center costs you $23,437 per year. How to improve:

  • Better match call volume with agent availability through a flexible shift model
  • Increase forecast and schedule accuracy by including all tasks into forecast and schedule
  • Monitor and improve schedule adherence

3. Track and improve schedule adherence Inform and educate agents:

  • Agents need to understand the relevance of schedule adherence
  • Explain how a mere 10 minutes impacts the entire center performance.

Measure and manage adherence:

Provide incentives:

  • Reward agents (95% within adherence) – recognition and/or bonus.
  • Agents are aware of the consequences for out-of-adherence behavior

4. Cross train multi-skill agentsMultiple skills and use skill-based routing

  • Reduce # of agents needed to handle your call volume.
  • The productivity gains can be up to 10-15%.

Form overlapping groups

  • One group for call type A and B, and one group for C and D
  • Improve by adding a group that is able to handle B and C