Call Center Schedule Exceptions

Handling exceptions is a key component to workforce schedule compliance. Exceptions must be managed in a way the minimizes their impact on productivity and availability, since both will have a negative impact on service levels and also quality of service. There are four types of exceptions:Pre-plannedThese would include vacation days, training days and work time spent on other necessities such as team meetings.UnplannedSick days and downtime due to technical issues would qualify as unplanned exceptions.Unplanned but pre-approvedThese are schedule deviations initiated by management to maintain performance levels. Unplanned and not pre-approvedThese tend to be reactionary, caused by meetings that run long or added coaching sessions. Regardless of the exception type, the goal remains the same – customer service consistency and meeting company goals for schedule adherence.

call center schedule exception calendar - Monet Software
Call Center Schedule Exception Calendar

  This can be achieved with workforce management software, which provides real-time adherence data that streamlines call center schedule exception tracking, making it easier for managers to maintain service levels, to know which agents are excepted at any given time (and the reason for the exception, whether it’s a day off or time spent in training) and to review reporting data. The solution should also provide an easier method for shift swapping, with management approval.