Call Center Recording Software: A Buyer’s Checklist

There are many different call recording software solutions available. While their essential purpose remains the same, there are variations in functionality, implementation and cost that should be reviewed by call center management so that an informed purchasing decision can be made. Use this checklist as a guide when selecting a call center recording software system. 

Several key functions are necessary, and the performance of these functions should be clarified. These include:

  • Recording and Monitoring: recording capability should be on-demand, with selective recording available to focus on one area of concern over another, or bypass recording of calls that are not supposed to be saved. Multi-site recording is also important for call centers with more than one location. 
  • Retrieval and Playback: the ability to easily find a specific call or subset of calls quickly, whether by customer name, location, call types, or other criteria. Other functions related to playback/retrieval include file management and archiving, look-back call recording (capture and storage of calls independent of when recording begins), auto-delete of calls no longer necessary to archive, and secure access to call records.
  • Compliance: call recording procedures that are compliant with PCI regulations, and a clear audit trail of actions taken with each call (listening, deleting, classifying, etc.).

Here the key questions will be – how long does it take so set up and how much effort is involved? Can this system be configured to meet the call center’s needs? How long will it take to train our call center staff on proper and productive usage? Is it easy to use or will it prove confusing? What is the process for integrating the system into remote and home offices? What does it take to integrate with other call center software such as workforce management, quality management and performance management to share data.

There is more than one cost element to be considered with call recording software.  After the initial upfront equipment/hardware investment and software license fees have been established, find out about any costs that may be necessary for call center staff training, as well as internal operation costs and any future maintenance and upgrade fees.

Once these questions are answered, you will have a much clearer picture of the best call recording software solution for your business.