Call Center Recording and Call Tagging

Given the substantial call volume at a call center, and the length of some customer calls, it’s important to implement methods that will help managers and agents quickly identify an individual call or set of calls, or a specific moment within any call that is captured through call recording software.

This is achieved through tagging, which is comparable to the placement of a virtual bookmark. During call monitoring, a tag can be placed at an agent or manager’s discretion to note a specific kind of information that might need to be recalled at a later date. It is a simple process handled through the recording detail page of the call recording system. 

Tags can be created from any predefined set of configurable types and descriptions. Common tags would include customer suggestions, questions that could not be answered, complaints, concerns or compliments (tags don’t all have to be negative!). This for example, makes it very easy to retrieve all calls that have “customer suggestions”. This data can be analyzed quantitative (how many suggestions did we get) and qualitative (what did customers suggest?).

With call recording software, an agent or supervisors can tag content as it happens and label it accordingly. Management may then (or later) assign access restrictions to that tag. Reviewing tags should then be as simple as visiting the recording detail page and clicking on the appropriate view link for the desired tag. 

One of the primary benefits of call recording is the business intelligence that can be mined from recorded calls. Tagging is the best way for agents and managers to find recordings quickly and easily among hundreds of thousands of logged interactions.