Call Center Quality Monitoring: Close the Loop!

The closed-loop structure offers a guideline for improved quality management and call monitoring. A wide range of industries looking to improve customer service and employee performance has adopted this structure, and the call center is no exception. The objective is to establish links between processes (hiring, training, performance) and personnel (management, agents) so that everyone is working from the same approved procedures, and with the same goals in mind. Closed-loop quality monitoring can help a call center achieve optimal results more quickly, and identify and eliminate problems, while implementing preventive measures to stop issues before they can start. Instead of reacting to situation as they occur, now you can be proactive in optimizing quality. Here is one four-step process to help you get there: 1. The Plan What do you want your call center to achieve? What are your goals for the next three months, six months, or year? For most call centers, such objectives will be based in improving customer satisfaction. Solicit input from agents. Write them down, and then formulate a list of specific goals that can be accomplished within a specific time. 2. The Schedule Executing your plan will likely involve scheduling and staffing decisions that will impact the customer experience. Having the right number of agents with the rights skills on every shift, based on the day, the time of day, or other factors (data collected by a call recording software system can guide these decisions) should make it easier for customers to have their calls answered without prolonged delays. 3. The Record Once the plan has been implemented, review the results after a sufficient period of time has elapsed. Measure the performance indicators cited in the plan to find out if you have achieved your goals. Some adjustment may be necessary, but with the customer intelligence data you have collected, combined with your agent performance data and feedback, you now have all the information you need to make the correct changes. 4. The Loop With this data in hand, you are now free to analyze and explore additional opportunities to improve customer service and retention. When you’re ready, make out a new plan based on these objectives, and repeat the four-step process. With each journey around the loop, your call center becomes more efficient, while delivering better service and better results.