Call Center Quality Management with Customer Questionnaires

What’s the best way to find out what a company’s customers think of its call center and service quality? Ask them!

Customer questionnaires play an important role in any quality management effort, and QM software should incorporate these questionnaires into its metrics. 

While many questions will be standard regardless of the size and type of call center, there may be some specific to certain centers and product/service types that can be added by management as needed. 

Typical QM customer questions include those that address: 

  • How effectively was the problem resolved?
  • How long did it take to resolve the issue?
  • How long did the customer have to wait before an agent answered?
  • Was the agent’s manner courteous and professional?
  • Did the agent have sufficient knowledge of the company and its products?
  • How likely is the customer to order from the same company again?

Once data has been gathered from a sufficient number of questionnaires, managers can gain insight into the effectiveness of specific call center employees, satisfaction levels of customers (in total and divided by various demographics), and the call center’s ability to handle problems in a timely and sufficient manner. 

As with other quality management metrics, customer questionnaires and surveys should be easy to set up, easy to integrate into your quality assurance solution technology, and easy to review. There should also be a means to capture additional customer feedback either during or after the survey. 

Used correctly, customer questionnaires can identify and fix customer service issues, boost call center staff professionalism and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.