Call Center Quality Management Systems

Traditionally, when a call center or any type of company sought to improve performance, attention would focus primarily on individual employees. Who is doing their job right, and who may need a refresher course in best practices?

While this is certainly an important piece of the puzzle, a quality management approach shifts the emphasis to business performance, which takes several other factors into consideration. 

Quality management offers executives a means to step back from the day-to-day operations and specific customer interactions, and assess call center performance by how well business objectives are being achieved, and to what extent agents, technology and management are working together toward the common goal of better service. 

Rather than one manager listening in on one agent call, pointing out what’s being done right and where improvements could be made, then repeating this process for the entire call center staff, a call center call monitoring software collects and analyzes multiple interactions, to pinpoint where adjustments are needed first. 

In some cases, perhaps the call center is not achieving the recommended rate of first call resolution, or perhaps calls are taking too long to reach the point where the customer is satisfied. From the data gathered through a call center quality management software, such areas of concern will be made more apparent than they would by a random review of individual calls.

Once changes are enacted, that same quality management system will track performance improvements. And since management now has the ability to identify the issues having the greatest impact on business performance, faster resolution should bring faster results.