Call Center Quality Assurance: A Program Guide

There are three goals that should be considered before launching any call center quality assurance effort:

1. Will it improve agent performance?
2. Will the data we collect improve efficiency?
3. Will our call center monitoring solution protect us from a legal challenge?

When setting up a quality assurance/management program at a call center, follow these call center quality assurance guidelines for optimum results.

Choose the Right Call Monitoring Software
Without the right software, a call center quality assurance program is going to struggle. Monitoring of customer interactions should be simple for agents, and the intelligence gathered through the system should be easy to analyze for managers. Also, consider future growth – the software you select should be able to grow with your company, and meet your needs not only today but tomorrow. 

Establish and Follow Best Practices
Call monitoring software is a tool that can provide great benefits to a call center, but will only pay dividends when used consistently to help that call center follow the proper procedures and meet the standards set for agents and managers. Every capability of the software, from call assessment and playback to evaluation questionnaires and reporting, should be utilized toward this goal. 

Secure Storage
Calls are saved so they can be recalled later, either for training purposes or to help settle a customer concern or legal matter. Use call monitoring software to automatically capture and secure all audio transactions. Monitoring software should also be used in a way that is consistent with federal government and respective industry guidelines on call recording.

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