Call Center Metrics in Real-Time

Call centers operate in real-time. Every moment of the workday there are calls starting, calls ending, complaints addressed, sales closed and agents engaged in various work-related functions. Analyzing call center data of previous days, weeks and months is an important task. But it’s also necessary to gain insight into what is happening in the call center as it actually happens. Only then you can make necessary adjustments that can have immediate impact on the call center performance. For example, if agents are out-of-adherence you get notified or see it on your dashboard you can act right away and avoid service level issues.
Find a workforce management solution that monitors operational data, displays key performance indicators and provides the actual status of key metrics for specific sites and skills. 

Among the metrics that should be monitored in real-time either through a dashboard or an alert system are: 

•    Average call handle time
•    Abandoned calls
•    Active calls
•    Waiting calls
•    Agent performance
•    First call resolution
•    Schedule adherence

We invite you to watch this short call center metrics video to see key performance indicators, alerts, agent analytics and real-time performance management in action. 

Through real-time measurement of call center metrics, agents and managers gain the data visibility necessary to deliver the service that customers expect, and can react more quickly to issues and resolve them before they impact operations.