Call Center Metrics Dashboard: The Top 9

An automated workforce management (WFM) solution can access, record and display a dashboard of call center metrics to help manage performance. Priorities may vary between different call centers, but these 9 standard call center metrics are particularly important as they relate to such vital issues as forecasting, scheduling, agent adherence and performance management:

1. Average Handle Time (AHT)

One of the most significant factors in staff calculations is the center’s average handle time, or the transaction time from the customer’s initiation of the call. 

2. Average Talk Time (ATT)

This is the actual time spent talking to customers per call. Productivity is impacted by calls that take too long to resolve. 

3. Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

This metric also has a direct impact on the number of abandoned calls, all of which represent potential missed sales or customer support opportunities. 

4. Answer and Abandon Metrics

As referenced above, abandoned calls are never a desired result. Specifying a standard for length here will help ameliorate the issue, though customer behavior makes it impossible to eliminate this phenomenon altogether. 

5. Labor Costs/Staffing

How many agents are needed per shift? Per week? Per call center? These decisions affect both customer service and company budgets, so any data that helps clarify the needs of the call center can greatly improve efficiency. 

6. Forecast Accuracy

You’ve created forecasts for staffing and scheduling – now what? Regular reviews can determine whether those forecasts were accurate, or need to be adjusted. Even those that are on the mark may eventually need to be re-assessed based on changing company or market conditions.

7. Shrinkage/Absenteeism

It’s important to track how many employees are away on vacation or out sick, or present but on breaks (scheduled or unscheduled). The goal is to create a standard with enough flexibility to keep valued employees, while also mitigating any short-staffing problems.

8. Schedule Adherence

Schedule adherence is the degree to which agents stick to their schedules, measured as a percentage.

9. Service Level

Service level is defined as x percent of calls are answered within y seconds and measures the overall performance of how accessible your service is for customers.

If you would like to see call center metrics in action, please click the link to watch a video about call center performance, dashboards, alerts and KPI’s.