Call Center Forecasting Methods & Techniques


Accurate forecasting is critical to successfully managing your call center. In order to meet call demand and avoid under- or over-staffing, you need call center forecasting methods and techniques that precisely predict how many agents are needed to handle the center’s call volume and help you “re-calculate” if the call volume fluctuates more than anticipated.



Here are 5 considerations and methods that should help you improve forecast accuracy:

  1. The importance of accurate forecasting: First, take a look why an accurate forecast is crucial.
  2. How to improve forecasting with simulation tools: Anticipating the “future” is not easy, therefore, running simulations with different assumptions helps to better predict call volumes.
  3. How to forecast special days: There are certain days that are difficult to forecast, or are important for the business. Here are some tips on how to deal with those.
  4. How to do “intra-day” call forecasting: One of the biggest forecasting challenge is related to unpredictable call volume fluctuations – here are some “intra-day” tips.
  5. How to forecast for multiple channels: As more communication channels open up (phone, email, chat, social media) you have to add those to your forecasting scenarios.


Want to learn more about call volume forecasting methods? Download our whitepaper: Contact Center Forecasting & Scheduling Best Practices