Boost Performance Management Results With a Monthly Challenge

There are countless ways to motivate agents and other employees into improving performance. Most contact centers have tried the obvious ones (role swapping, suggestion boxes, rewards). To keep your performance management efforts always moving forward, perhaps now is the time to think outside of the box.

Have you considered introducing a monthly employee challenge to boost motivation?

The concept is exactly as it sounds – every month, concentrate on one specific goal where improvement can be made. If you can get all of your agents and coaches and trainers focused on the same mission, the odds of success are greatly enhanced.

How to choose the monthly challenges? If you have a performance management solution you should have real-time and historic performance data that demonstrates where the contact center is meeting its service goals, and where additional help is needed.

Perhaps start with a specific KPI – first call resolution, or average speed of answer. For an outbound call center, the goal would be a general increase in sales, or the promotion of one specific product or service.

You can also solicit suggestions from your team. Ask them if they had a magic wand, what change would they like to bring about. If their answers coincide with the goals of the business, schedule them for a monthly challenge.

Keep the lines of communication open when the monthly challenge is introduced. Ask agents and other team members for their thoughts on the best way to achieve each goal.

If you decide to implement this program, don’t wait until the end of the month to tally the results. If you spend 30 days on a goal that isn’t achieved, you may have learned a few things about your contact center but no one would consider that time well spent. A weekly progress meeting during the month will let you know if the team is on the right track.

Monet Performance Management is fully integrated with Monet’s Workforce Optimization suite, delivering agent analytics and scorecard capabilities to improve call center performance. With this data at your fingertips, you’ll always know where your next monthly challenge should be focused.