Better Schedule Adherence in 5 Steps

Improving schedule adherence is an ongoing concern at every size and type of contact center. Productivity suffers whenever adherence slips, and that can result in lost revenue and lost customers. Sound management and an automated workforce management solution are important tools in this effort – but sometimes it takes a bit more to make sure contact center agents are following their assigned schedules.

Here are 5 steps that can be taken to keep your schedule adherence efforts on track. 

1. Awareness

Stress the importance of schedule adherence throughout the hiring and training process, so every agent knows from day one that attendance goals are to be taken seriously.

2. Don’t Just Tell – Show

If agents see managers and other personnel coming in late or leaving early, it sends the wrong message. Supervisors, team leaders and trainers should be positive role models of schedule adherence.

3. Accurate Recording

Whether you use a biometric timekeeping system or a WFM solution that automatically tracks adherence, make sure there is an accurate, reliable system in place to record relevant data. Manual systems are prone to error and distortion.

4. Include Adherence in Agent Evaluation

Adherence should be a central component of every employee review and (if needed) coaching session. Agents with a habit of exceeding break times or starting shifts late must either be retrained or released.

5. Reward Top Performers

Just as agents that fall short of adherence goals should be reprimanded, those that provide consistent, outstanding service should be acknowledged and rewarded with bonuses, first choice of upcoming shifts, or through some other means. This will not just keep those agents at your business longer, it will also inspire the rest of your team to strive for the same goal.