Are Your Agents Empowered to Make Customers Happy?

Satisfied customers are happy customers, and that should be the goal of every call center. Processes, rules and agent scripts should all be prepared with that end result in mind. However, customer service should not be limited to the following of company policy.How many times have you read a story about an employee who went out of his or her way to help a customer? Often these anecdotes are picked up by local media or go viral on YouTube, which is great free publicity for any company.  [more]Did you hear about the weary traveler, headed home after a long business trip, who tweeted Morton’s Steakhouse with a request to meet him at the Newark Airport with a porterhouse? He was kidding, but imagine his surprise when Morton’s actually sent someone to his gate with a steak and all the trimmings. Can this happen at a call center? Absolutely – as long as agents feel they can act on their own volition and help a caller in a way not specified in their script or training. Zappo’s, the online shoe store, has built an outstanding customer service reputation thanks to the innovation of its call center agents and a management policy that provides personnel with the latitude to go the extra mile. There was a woman who ordered several pair of shoes for her mother, who had undergone a medical procedure that left her feet numb and sensitive to pressure. However, none of the shoes ordered helped with her condition. The woman explained this to the Zappo’s agent. A good company would have gladly accepted the return. Zappo’s went further – they sent the woman’s mother a bouquet of flowers with a note saying they hope she felt better soon. Then they upgraded both the mother and daughter to VIP status, so they would receive free shipping on all future orders. Result? Two new loyal customers, great publicity, and a happy Zappo’s employee who felt free to bring this idea up to management, and represent the company is a positive way. (NOTE: Source for stories: