An Innovative Approach to Call Center Quality Monitoring

What is the objective of quality monitoring? For most call centers it is an effort meant to improve customer service by measuring agent performance and the efficiency of training and practices. Call recording provides much of this insight, but the best quality monitoring program is one that integrates call recording, scorecards and screen capture, thus taking the entire program to the next level.

Quality Scorecards

Scorecards make it easier to identify superstar agents, and pinpoint the specific areas in which some agents may require additional training. By grading each portion of a call, from its length to the courtesy of the agent’s responses, managers have much better idea of where improvement is most needed.

Screen Capturing

Call recording insights are magnified by the data accessible through screen capture recording, which captures both synchronized voice and video of an agent’s customer interactions. Now if there’s an issue, a manager will know if it’s the agent that needs help, or if the desktop applications in place need improvement. By using call recording and quality monitoring tools such as those included in Monet Quality, it is possible to capture not only the call itself but the activity that took place on the agent’s screen and score 100% of interactions, giving an accurate and comprehensive view of agent, team, and overall contact center performance.
 Once these changes are put in place, the call center should see a positive impact on such KPIs as average handle time and first call resolution.