A Seasonal Approach to Shrinkage

Shrinkage is the time (or percentage of time) agents are not productive due to breaks, meetings, training, vacation, illness, absenteeism, etc.

It’s something to be avoided as much as possible, obviously.

There are many ways a contact center help reduce shrinkage, from tightening forecasts to cover durations as short as 15 minutes, to tracking shrinkage with workforce management (WFM).

One method that is often overlooked incorporates WFM, and can be effective at companies where traffic increases or decreases depending on the season. Since WFM delivers a long-term view of shrinkage, managers can use that data to adjust shrinkage accordingly based on the time of year.

If the holiday season is when the phones are ringing most, you can reduce shrinkage with WFM, and then increase the allowances after New Year’s, when traffic slows down.

Obviously it’s not realistic to totally eliminate “unplanned” shrinkage; however, in most cases in can be reduced to an acceptable level with WFM.

For more help with this critical contact center issue, read our whitepaper The Ultimate Guide to Contact Center Shrinkage. It offers in-depth information on how to calculate shrinkage, how to apply it properly within your schedules, and how to minimize it.

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