A Best Practices Guide to Call Recording

A call monitoring program can pay significant dividends for a call center. But it’s not enough to merely install software for call recording, and review the data periodically. There are proven best practice solutions that can help a company get the most from its call recording systems. Preparation Establish metrics and quality standards before the call recorder program is installed. Identify the critical areas for your call center where training, efficiency, employee communication skills and accuracy can be improved. Typically, these areas would include the evaluation of each employee’s courtesy, troubleshooting skills, and execution of company policy. Staff Briefing If call recording software is installed with no advance notice given to employees, it is likely to generate a negative reaction. Communication, either written or at a meeting, is recommended to inform the call center team of what is happening, and to address their questions and concerns. Legal Considerations The Federal Communications Commission requires that notification be given to callers that their conversation will be recorded. Additionally, there are state guidelines and industry-specific regulations that require compliance from a call center recording system. Training Based on the results of the company’s call monitoring effort, training should be scheduled for employees to identify areas of improvement. The training program should be ongoing to review how employees respond to feedback and change their behavior accordingly.