5 Tips To Improve Customer Loyalty Through Call Recording

Customer loyalty is critical to any type of business, and the call center plays a key role in this objective. 

The objective is to identify those customers most likely to become a defection stat, and take steps to return them to the fold. When customers perceive that their business is important and appreciated, they are more likely to stick around. 

Here are 5 tips on how to use call recording for customer retention. 

1. Program Alerts
Have a customer that is showing signs of leaving? Make sure that information is communicated quickly to the appropriate party, along with call recordings of previous engagements. Fast action can save the account.
2. Put a Specialist in Charge
Review call-recording sessions between agents and dissatisfied customers. Find your superstars at handling these situations, and make sure similar calls are routed to them.

3. Agent Training
Retraining is vital for any agents that are losing more customers than others. Call recordings will reveal where mistakes were made, so they can be corrected through training. 

4. Be Prepared
Analyze call recordings to discover the reasons some customers leave, and make sure all agents have effective answers ready when these issues are raised, as well as a script that has answers to frequently asked questions, and focuses on persuading customers to stay. 

5. Train By Example
Use call recordings to create a library of best-practice calls, as well as a collection of calls where the customer was lost. Use them in all training/coaching sessions. 

To learn more about how call recording can help you, watch a short video or download this whitepaper.